Maintenance of glazed surfaces

To ensure the maintenance of the glazed surfaces of Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo terminals, AERCO set up in 2014 a specialized team. This team was composed of an IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) approved rope access technician and two assistants trained to work at heights.

 The team relied especially on one technician who has abilities to work suspended on high. However in 2017 the team saw its area of expertise extend to water tightness work, and became undersized regarding the scope of its assigned tasks.

That is why Florent Albert, head of the “Cordiste Agency” established in Reunion Island and passionate about climbing provided an on-site training to our three acrobats in October 2017.

The high quality of training provided allows our specialist Rock GUEYETH to reach the level 2 of the professional qualification certificate (CQP2) level. His assistants John and Davy to reach the CQP1 level. A complete team in an extremely rare industry in Congo.

The choice of an on-site training was particularly rewarding. In addition to the input of the training on safety of operators and rescue of people, rope access technicians and their trainer had the opportunity to analyze together different problems and solve them concretely such as access to areas that could not be reached until now thanks to the new technics taught.