Opening Brazzaville’s new airport pharmacy

In order to boost its extra-aeronautical turnover, AERCO has decided to develop its commercial offering, not only for passengers but also for greeters and wishers and more generally for the employees of the platform and the inhabitants of the neighboring districts. AERCO intends to establish businesses in its public halls in order to attract new customers and make more attractive Terminals in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, even in times of traffic downturn.
It is in this context that a first «pharmacy and para pharmacy” have just opened within the terminal of Brazzaville.
Located in the public area in the arrival hall, this new business aims to offer a particularly efficient service (24/7) to all the people who frequent the Maya-Maya airport.
It allows AERCO to more clearly state its position as a commercial area, benefiting from both a very favorable location near the downtown and access facilitated by a large parking offer.