Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
Q8 0058 09:30 DOUALA Take off at 09:42
CAJ 122 10:15 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 10:31
KQ 0550 10:45 NAIROBI Take off at 10:58
WB 0210 11:10 DOUALA Take off at 11:41
ET 0841 14:10 ADDIS ABABA Take off at 15:16
Q8 0232 15:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 15:45
CAJ 124 16:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 17:00
WB 0211 17:00 KIGALI Take off at 17:22
Q8 0204 18:30 POINTE NOIRE End of check-in at 16:45
Q8 0896 19:30 POINTE NOIRE Check-in
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
CAJ 121 09::00 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 09:26
KQ 0550 09::55 NAIROBI Landed at 09:55
WB 0210 10::25 KIGALI Landed at 10:42
Q8 0212 12::25 SIBITI Landed at 14:43
ET 0841 13::15 ADDIS ABABA Landed at 13:45
CAJ 123 15::45 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 15:52
WB 0211 16::10 DOUALA Landed at 16:16
AF 0896 17::40 PARIS-CDG Landed at 17:49
Q8 0203 18::00 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 18:01
KP 0044 18::30 LOME
congo-handling Société Congo handling
Occupies a reception desk for all clients and forwarding agents working at the airport.


bollore-africa-logistic Bolloré Africa Logistic Congo occupies a warehouse and some offices


dhl DHL Express Congo occupies a warehouse and some offices


societe-africaine-de-transport Société Africaine de Transport occupies a warehouse and some offices


necotrans Necotrans occupies an office


transit-express Transit Express occupies a warehouse


ctr-t-congo CTR-T Congo occupies a warehouse


inter-transit-services Inter Transit Services occupies some offices and a warehouse


logistic-congo Logistic Congo occupies an office


kevro-promotion Kevro Promotion occupies some offices and a warehouse


socotra Société Congolaise de Transit occupies some offices and a warehouse


geoworks Geoworks occupies a warehouse and some offices


atrans-et-services Atrans et Services occupies some offices


nkembo-transit Nkembo Transit occupies some offices


air-congo Société Nouvelle Air Congo occupies a warehouse for the storage of parcels transported on its planes.


There is also in this area a moving company. It owns transportation vehicles and hoisting devices
Congolaise de Déménagement (CODEM)

AERCO has a 20-feet container used as offices by transit companies such such as:
• News Transit
• Entreprise Congolaise de Transit
• Lattitudes Transit et Prestation
• Megatrans

For lack of Operation offices in the restricted area, AERCO offers the following airline companies containers offices:

  • Trans Air Congo


  • Canadian Airways
  • Aero Fret Business