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Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
AT 0269 00:50 CASABLANCA Take off at 01:04
HF 0837 06:30 ABIDJAN Take off at 07:00
KP 0045 08:05 LOME Take off at 08:27
Q8 0202 09:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 09:41
CAJ 452 10:15 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 10:41
ET 0861 12:10 ADDIS ABABA Take off at 12:38
KQ 0772 13:25 NAIROBI Take off at 13:37
CAJ 454 16:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 16:31
Q8 0204 16:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 16:55
Q8 0206 19:30 POINTE NOIRE