Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
Q8 0211 08:30 IMPFONDO Take off at 09:03
Q8 0058 09:00 DOUALA Take off at 10:19
WB 0210 12:30 DOUALA Take off at 12:54
Q8 0202 12:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 13:12
J7 0363 14:30 LIBREVILLE Take off at 15:16
Q8 0206 16:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 17:25
Q8 0204 17:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 18:53
WB 0211 17:50 KIGALI Take off at 18:45
L6 0143 18:00 NOUAKCHOTT Take off at 19:33
AF 0756 22:10 PARIS-CDG Take off at 22:20
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
Q8 0201 08::15 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 09:10
WB 0210 11::30 KIGALI Landed at 11:57
Q8 0212 12::00 IMPFONDO Landed at 12:10
J7 0362 13::45 LIBREVILLE Landed at 14:32
Q8 0059 15::55 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 17:54
Q8 0205 16::45 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 16:13
L6 0142 17::00 NOUAKCHOTT Landed at 18:10
WB 0211 17::00 DOUALA Landed at 17:47
KP 0044 18::35 LOME Landed at 18:47
AF 0756 20::40 PARIS-CDG Landed at 20:23

• International flights:
• The passenger must be present when baggage is checked in. It is forbidden to check-in baggage on the traveler’s behalf.
• To get to the boarding gate, you will go through a first checkpoint of the border police where you will be required to show your boarding pass as well as your valid passport.
• Then, your baggage and personal belongings will be inspected with x-ray screening devices.
• All prohibited items will be removed during security screenings and destroyed without compensation.

For you safety

• Keep only in the carry-on baggage your valuable or fragile items and items necessary for your trip
• Make sure not to take prohibited or dangerous items on board
• Never leave your baggage unattended
• Never accept a parcel or luggage from an unknown person.

Useful tips

• Have your boarding pass and your Passport ready before getting to the checkpoints
• Place separately in a box electronic devices (laptop, tablets, phones…)
• Put your money, keys and other personal belongings in your jacket or in your hand baggage
• Put your baggage, coat, jacket together in a box.

Prohibited objects

To ensure flight safety, it is strictly prohibited to carry as checked baggage or hand baggage the following substances:

• Explosives
• Flammable substances
• Oxidizing substances
• Gas
• Toxic products
• Radioactive substances
Objects such as firearms, cold weapons and blunt objects are prohibited in cabin baggage. They will be confiscated and destroyed during security check without compensation.
Restrictions and exceptions
Liquids and aerosol products with a quantity less than 100 ml are allowed on board. These products must be contained in a transparent and resealable plastic bag.
Liquid medications must be carried with prescription listing the components of the treatment. Baby foods, necessary for the duration of the flight, are allowed on board.

Some countries have established specific restrictions on the transport of liquid products. It is recommended to contact the company in charge of the transportation for more information.