Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
Q8 0211 08:30 IMPFONDO Take off at 09:03
Q8 0058 09:00 DOUALA Take off at 10:19
WB 0210 12:30 DOUALA Take off at 12:54
Q8 0202 12:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 13:12
J7 0363 14:30 LIBREVILLE Take off at 15:16
Q8 0206 16:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 17:25
Q8 0204 17:30 POINTE NOIRE Take off at 18:53
WB 0211 17:50 KIGALI Take off at 18:45
L6 0143 18:00 NOUAKCHOTT Take off at 19:33
AF 0756 22:10 PARIS-CDG Take off at 22:20
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
Q8 0201 08::15 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 09:10
WB 0210 11::30 KIGALI Landed at 11:57
Q8 0212 12::00 IMPFONDO Landed at 12:10
J7 0362 13::45 LIBREVILLE Landed at 14:32
Q8 0059 15::55 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 17:54
Q8 0205 16::45 POINTE NOIRE Landed at 16:13
L6 0142 17::00 NOUAKCHOTT Landed at 18:10
WB 0211 17::00 DOUALA Landed at 17:47
KP 0044 18::35 LOME Landed at 18:47
AF 0756 20::40 PARIS-CDG Landed at 20:23

To complete all the formalities including check-in, baggage drop-off and go through the various checkpoints, we recommend that you arrive early at the airport.
• International flights: 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time
• Domestic flights: 1 hour before departure
You can check-in for one hour; the check-in deadline is specified by your airline. It is mentioned on your ticket or on the trip reminder given to you. Should you fail to complete this formality, your departure will be cancelled.

At the airport

Go to the check-in desks to register your luggage and print your boarding pass.
The check-in desks are located in the restricted area in the Departures area. Safety officers will ask you to present your ticket as well as a valid ID document (a passport with valid visa if you are boarding on international flights or identity card / resident card for domestic flights). You must not go there along with non-passengers.

You will also go through an inspection and screening gate as well as your luggage. Anticipate to unpack your computer, Tablet, mobile phone and remove your belts, jewellery and other metal accessories as well.
Once you have been screened and your luggage registered, you are allowed to get out again to the public hall. However, to enter the area and go for boarding, you will go through the same safety screening process again.

To avoid long queues, you are advised to check-in online.


Most airlines allow you to check-in early (till the check-in deadline) on their website. You can choose your seat and print your boarding pass through e-mail. Upon arrival at the airport, you can leave your hold baggage at the “baggage drop-off” desk.

Passengers already checked-in without hold baggage

If you have checked-in early and have no hold baggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate within time limit.